Dont get lost trying to cut cost – Learn how to get your maps to run offline

Maps make use of the GPS and at the same time they CONSUME DATA – yes, you saw right! Map programs consume data especially when using in-built navigation service, turn-by-turn directions, checking satellite mode or watching traffic. Although this might not have a visible effect if you have a short commute, frequent commuters need to be watchful.

Thankfully, there are ways to use in-built navigation and turn-by-turn directions offline.

You can  save yourself a batch of interesting articles to read on the commute by preselecting them when you’re at home and connected to the wifi.

Saving an area on Google maps for offline use also helps. Hit up the Google Maps app when you’re connected to Wi-Fi and select the area you want to save then tap Menu > Make available offline or go to Maps > My Places > Offline and tap New offline map before selecting the area you want. You can also review your offline maps via Maps > My Places > Offline.