Simple Ways to Cut Down Data Usage Cost…

There are a lot of things you can do (with a few sacrifices) to stay within your data allowance so you avoid being hit by the overage charge bogeyman.

Use 3G to support 4G data

Most of today’s high-end mobile devices support 4G data. This allows for speeds that exceed many home Internet connections, but faster speeds mean quicker use of the data you’re allowed

You can cut cost on data usage by downgrading to 3G. Android devices can be harrowing because of different manufacturer skins and carrier barriers, but there are apps like 4G Toggle that work with many devices.

With an Apple device, the steps are easier. Just go to Settings -> Cellular and turn Enable LTE to off. When on 3G you’ll likely find that HD video won’t play as smoothly as it should . Streaming music may buffer as well. Those are the sacrifices you’ll likely have make if you want to cut down cost.

Restrict background data

You can restrict the background data on most operating systems with the flick of a button in the Network settings. when the background data is restricted, some applications and phone services will be disabled unless you have access to a Wifi network. This is a useful option if you are getting close to the limit of your data allowance at the end of a month.

View the mobile version of websites

Mosts websites come with a desktop version and a mobile version. when viewing a desktop designed website on your mobile device, every element, from text down to images have to be downloaded before the page is displayed. this can use up a large amount of data because each element uses a bit of data. Now, imagine a very large website and what that could do to your data!

Mobile versions of websites use up less data because relatively fewer images are used which also increases the loading speed.  Most websites are set up to detect if you are using a mobile device or a desktop and will display the site accordingly.

Stick to  mobile versions as often as possible so as to reduce the amount of data used and this will in turn reduce the amount of money you spend on it.

Don’t clear your cache

Clearing your cache isn’t always the best decision. A cache is a fast temporary storage where recently or frequently used information is stored to avoid having to reload them from the server. Although emptying the cache will free up internal space and help the system run faster, it is not the best action if you want to reduce your data usage.